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Car companies are in a big boxing match. They’re getting beaned by each other saying: “Ours is the best” “No, no, ours is the best!”.

But the bottom line is that we are all going to the same place. And that’s an Eco World. It’s like a theme park where all the rides are made out of plants and smells awesome. Better than SomberWorld , where you get on a rollercoaster, go up the ramp and then get off.

But many car companies actually get the bigger picture. We all have to work together to make things better – to create the ideal world where things work in harmony to build an efficient lifestyle. Some are making hybrids, some plug-ins, some electric, some whatchamacallits. But pretty much everyone is on board. So, the thing to concentrate on here is design. Cadillac’s new 2014 ELR was based on the stunning Converj concept car. It’s so close that this ELR actually feels like you’re driving a million bucks. No sure you can say that with other hybrid plug –ins, but the design is straight up beautiful. But you want stats, don’t you? OK then. How about 162-kilowatts total system power with 295-pounds per foot of torque with an electric range of 37 miles. All of that married to a gas efficient backup. Total miles per gallon is 82. That’s just cool.

And then, there’s the design, again. Let’s compare. Caddy ELR versus a Tiffany necklace –not even a contest. The necklace has a tiny cup colder. Not even. It’s teeny. How about Caddy ELR versus Faberge Egg # 342?Easy! Hip check the Caddy and see what happens. Egg? It’s done and you won’t be having breakfast. Meanwhile, you can take the silent, electric ELR to your favorite breakfast joint, like Neptune’s Net or a greasy spoon on Mulholland.

Are you not convinced yet? How about the awesome haptid technology and touch proximity sensors? But for this Fireball, the  best thing about the ELR is that it feels like the right step to that EcoWorld. The ideal place where we can all just stop being boneheads for a bit and give what we want to get back. A little bit of goodness without judgment, criticism and whinning. In the Caddy, everything just feel good. You want to take a deep breath and forget about that nonsense with your 4-foot-tall boss. Nix that situation with your teenager and the cops. Blow off that comment of your Tweeter from that whiney follower. It’s so cool that we all need to pull together and spread the AutoLove by busting out a #Caddy Selfie.

Close your eyes for a bit, inhale deeply and exhale those lame-o thoughts. Visualize and yourself cruising in this red gem and realize that the future is electric. Even if all of them aren’t there just yet, we’re all on the same boat.



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